To the Cloud and Back

Optimize Performance and Availability with Hybrid Storage Solutions

Storage has always been top of mind for businesses—whether it’s increasing performance, having the flexibility to scale, or disaster recovery backup. However, all of this was amplified in Spring of 2020 when a large portion of the workforce made their home offices their new workspaces. What was part of many organizations’ digital transformation plans, to be executed at some point, was accelerated due to the current environment.

The pandemic’s push to keep workers remote also exacerbated many of the challenges organizations were already facing:

  • Maintaining high availability across an extended reach
  • Mitigating downtime
  • Integrating cloud and flash into a hybrid storage structure
  • Unburdening overwhelmed IT teams responsible for managing all business applications and the ever-growing volume of data

That’s where all-flash storage arrays can make a big difference in not only enhancing business stability, but helping companies continue to move forward. But not all arrays are the same. NetApp, the industry leader in trusted storage solutions, helps organizations, like yours, overcome your storage challenges with NetApp Hybrid FAS and All Flash FAS systems. Powered by NetApp ONTAP data management software, FAS systems can help you build a storage infrastructure that is simple, secure, and trusted.

iTBlueprint has compiled a list of 5 ways NetApp FAS optimizes performance and availability for your data and applications to keep your workforce humming.

  1. Simplifies Storage Operations
    Go from initial power-on to serving data in less than 10 minutes. Now that’s fast. What’s even better is having the ability to upgrade during regular business hours with zero downtime. NetApp FAS lets you leverage one unified system for SAN and NAS with proven storage efficiency.
  2. Scales to Meet Changing Needs
    Your workforce may be remote, but that doesn’t mean your business should slow down. Scale up by adding capacity or by upgrading controllers or out by growing storage up to a 24-node cluster with 176PB of capacity to keep up with your growing capacity and performance requirements.
  3. Integrates with the Cloud
    The cloud is the backbone of remote work. Optimize your storage environment and reduce costs with the ability to seamlessly tier, backup, replicate, cache data to private and public clouds, and
    connect effortlessly to your favorite public cloud, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.
  4. Secures and Protects Data
    Unfortunately bad actors are working harder to take advantage of your business during this crisis. Safeguard your data and accelerate recovery with comprehensive, integrated data protection. Whether it’s protecting against weak passwords or meeting privacy standards, including GDPR, your business and your customers are safe.
  5. Accelerates Disaster Recovery
    Being prepared is what makes the difference between a successful company and one that can’t ride out the storm. Keep your mission-critical applications available with a fine-tuned disaster recovery strategy that supports both storage and application system replication.

iTBlueprint is NetApp Gold
As a NetApp Gold Partner, the iTBlueprint team of experienced technicians understands the ins and outs of the NetApp product line. With NetApp as the cornerstone of our business and decades of combined experience, we can ensure your data and applications are available and performing optimally—from core to cloud. Check out our infographic to find out more about our NetApp storage solutions.

To learn more about what iTBlueprint and NetApp can do for your business,
contact us at or 833-9IT-BLUE (948-2583).



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