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From business as usual to unexpected disruptions, your business success relies on your workforce—no matter their location—being able to access the data and applications they need to keep your business running and delivering results. 

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iTBlueprint has partnered with NetApp to ensure your data and applications are available and performing optimally—from core to cloud.

So what challenges are you facing?

At iTBlueprint, we work with organizations in a variety of industries – and although their challenges often vary, these are the ones we hear about consistently from a business and technical perspective

If any of these are challenges in your organization… iTBlueprint can help you overcome them with proven technology from NetApp

NetApp: Cloud Innovation Leader

A 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant Primary Storage Leader, NetApp provides you with leading-edge storage technology to modernize your IT and deliver a seamless data storage and availability experience—on-premises and across clouds. NetApp’s agile and scalable solutions ensure your data is always on, always available, and easily consumed so your teams can stay connected to critical data and applications, no matter where they are.

ONTAP Data Management Software

Create a storage infrastructure that is smart, powerful, and trusted. Simplify how you manage your data that is spread across your hybrid cloud environment. NetApp ONTAP, the industry’s leading enterprise data management software, combines new levels of simplicity, flexibility, and security with powerful data management capabilities, proven storage efficiencies, and leading cloud integration.

  • Provision storage in minutes and streamline ongoing management
  • Eliminate planned downtime, service and upgrade systems during regular business hours
  • Reduce latency and accelerate operations with NVMe cache
  • Deliver business continuity and security with integrated data protection and built-in encryption

FAS Hybrid-Flash Arrays

FAS hybrid-flash arrays bridge the gap from on-premises to cloud. It’s a simple, smart, trusted storage solution for shared NAS and SAN environments that require rich data management and easy cloud integration.

  • Go from initial power-on to serving data in less than 10 minutes
  • Simplify ongoing management and upgrade with zero downtime
  • Connect effortlessly to the cloud—AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and others
  • Optimize your storage environment and reduce costs with the predictive analytics and proactive care
  • Protect your data at rest and in transit, and safeguard against data loss
Perfect for back-up/retention, consolidation of general business applications, and distributed content.

AFF All-Flash Arrays

Tired of bulky and expensive storage for your mission-critical applications? For enterprise applications, NetApp AFF all-flash arrays deliver the industry’s highest performance, superior reliability, and best-in-class data services and cloud integration. AFF was chosen as one of CRN Products of the Year 2019.

  • Quickly provision storage through deep integration with your critical business applications
  • Achieve better effective capacity for any workload
  • Connect to more clouds for more data services and automatic data tiering
  • Modernize your IT with advanced NVMe/FC connectivity to maximize performance
  • Eliminate storage silos and painful data migrations while scaling performance and capacity

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iTBlueprint Health Check Uncovers Storage Security Gaps Before It’s Too Late

Ransomware attacks have gotten more sophisticated with hackers focusing on the long game, hiding and ambushing their victims when they feel most protected. That’s what happened to one energy research laboratory. Once the ransomware infiltrated the company’s systems, it sat for days undetected before it was triggered.

Mining Company Unearths Profitable Relationship with iTBlueprint

With locations in some of the most remote regions of North and South America, an international mining company was looking for a technology solution partner who was willing, and able, to make the trek to the Yukon to build out a new array at one of their mine sites. The job was specialized—reliable on-premises storage […]

iTBlueprint Fills In Ransomware Gaps with NetApp Solutions

With a rise in ransomware during the pandemic, we have also seen a rise in organizations that have fallen victim to these attacks. While a large majority of these attacks came via email, through phishing or spoofing internal profiles, other attacks have come through security vulnerabilities in products.

We’ve combined the cloud expertise and proven reliability of iTBlueprint with the leading-edge technology solutions of NetApp to enable you to realize greater value from your digital transformation. iTBlueprint is a NetApp Gold Partner and, together, we’re empowering businesses to rethink the future, embrace cloud, and get the most out of their data with a foundation to store, manage, and protect it anywhere.

With iTBlueprint and NetApp, you always know you have partners you can count on. 


iTBlueprint: A Foundation of Expertise

Our team if technology professionals are committed to providing you with the services that fit your unique needs — from design through integration to management and monitoring — we ensure that our best-of-breed solutions address today’s demands and position your business for a successful future.

We’re always looking for the best way to serve our customers and design solutions that are tailored for their success. Our Professional Services team will vet solutions to find the best ones for your unique requirements, and implement on your schedule, for the least amount of downtime.

Whether it’s a single technology area or a complete overhaul of your IT, no job is too big or too small for iTBlueprint. We walk with you every step of your cloud transformation journey from deciding which cloud is best for you to guiding your migration to ensuring your cloud grows with you. 


How Healthy is Your System?

How can you ensure optimized performance when you don’t know your system weaknesses? iTBlueprint and NetApp invite you to schedule a system check-up so you know exactly where you can make improvements—from handling capacity to software updates—and fill in the gaps before they become vulnerabilities for your business.


Complimentary NetApp Lifecycle Roadmap

iTBlueprint helps you get the most out of your IT investment by evaluating your equipment 120 days prior to support renewal so you can have a clear picture of your equipment’s viability. We can also help you navigate refresh paths for equipment facing end of support.

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Contact us at (855) 680-4508 to learn more about how iTBlueprint and NetApp can make IT work for you.