Refresh Your IT on Your Terms

Don’t Wait for Your IT to Break: Why, When, and How to Refresh on Your Terms

Though a tech refresh is a great way for companies to integrate intuitive, advanced technologies into their workflows, don’t think it’s just about having some shiny new toys to play with. It’s so much more.

From improving productivity and increasing efficiency to enhancing security and boosting profitability, a tech refresh makes good business sense. But many organizations don’t know if they need to refresh, when to refresh, or how to do it.

First understand that a tech refresh is not a complete overhaul of your infrastructure or a budget-breaking pain to your assets. A refresh involves periodically replacing old equipment with newer models to ensure continued operations and more efficient workflows.

It may be time for a refresh

If you’re experiencing any of the following, it may be time for a refresh.

Obsolete technology – No matter how great your engineering team is, if they can’t even find the parts to fix what’s broken, then it’s already too late. In those circumstances, you have to replace what broke anyway, without the benefit of having planned the expense.

Increased operational costs – There is a tipping point where the cost of ongoing repairs to your tech, just to maintain the status quo, is more than the price you would pay for new systems with enhanced features.

Diminished productivity – Every time your employees have to slow down for your technology to keep up, you’re losing money and creating a very frustrated workforce.

Heightened security risk – Invest in all the security protection software you want. If you’re relying on legacy systems, you’re already leaving the door open for hackers to run away with your data or worse.

Evolve on your terms

Updating or upgrading technology to eliminate performance issues is a process that comes with unique challenges. iTBlueprint is here to help you streamline the process and ensure your refresh goes as planned. As a NetApp Gold Partner, we have decades of expertise helping companies, like yours, refresh and transform on their terms.

 NetApp hybrid cloud solutions give you the freedom to use the most appropriate resources at any point in time, regardless of physical location and cloud provider. A unified hybrid cloud provides a common storage layer with a consistent set of tools and processes to manage, protect, and move your enterprise data and applications without requiring additional staff or skills. With NetApp’s application-driven infrastructure and capabilities, you’ll realize greater cost optimization, security, resilience, performance, and manageability across your entire footprint—supporting all of your workloads.

It all starts with NetApp ONTAP, the data management software at the heart of the NetApp hybrid cloud. In fact, ONTAP is the only data management software running both on premises and natively in the world’s biggest public clouds. Because ONTAP supports a hybrid cloud architecture that isn’t tied to a location or cloud vendor, you avoid cloud vendor lock-in and can move and store your data where needed. And ONTAP supports file, block, and object data storage, so it satisfies multiple use cases and enables application and data mobility with no refactoring or replatforming of applications. Your refresh doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Refresh rewards

  • Reduced downtime – Having a consistent refreshing schedule enables you to eliminate costly downtime, maximize financial benefits, and protect your reputation.
  • Stronger security – Conducting frequent technology updates helps safeguard your systems, protects important business property, and saves your business from lawsuits incurred when confidential data is breached.
  • Enhanced efficiency – Updating your technology systems helps ensure business operations are supported by the best technology available. Better technology can vastly improve the quality of your company’s products and services.

Reimagine your refresh with iTBlueprint

We’ve detailed a lot of information here, but the most important piece of your refresh puzzle isn’t necessarily the tech itself, but the IT partner committed to ensuring your refresh delivers all the above rewards and more. That’s where iTBlueprint excels—from core to cloud.

If you need help deciding which IT solution is right for your organization, want to make sure your tech is running as it should or need help after hours, iTBlueprint can round out your solution with our Professional Services. Our services help you understand how technology can work for your business, from designing a completely new ecosystem to empowering you to get more out of your existing environment.

Schedule a consultation with iTBlueprint and find out how we can help you take charge of your refresh.