Terms and Conditions

Quotation & Procurement

Quotations: Price quotation is CONFIDENTIAL and may not be distributed to third parties without IT Blueprint’s written consent. All pricing is in Canadian Funds, pricing does not include taxes, shipping or additional provincial surcharges, unless otherwise stated. IT Blueprint will charge all Governmental fees (taxes, EHF, et cetera). Pricing is valid for the term specified but may change based on pricing fluctuations (manufacturer/currency exchange/etc.). For SaaS/Subscription services, terms & conditions are outlined in the Master Services Agreement and/or Statement of Supply and are subject to manufacturer’s program outlines. Additional details on these programs can be requested by contacting your iTBlueprint Account Manager.

Returns: All returns require written approval prior to shipping back to IT Blueprint and returns are subject to inspection to ensure completeness. A minimum 20% restocking fee will be charged. Credit will be applied once the return has been completed. Return shipping of equipment is the customer responsibility unless otherwise notified by IT Blueprint. Original packaging must be available and in resaleable condition, plus any manufacturer’s requirements outlined in the return. 

Shipping: Customer must confirm at time of order all requirements for shipping & delivery. Shipping services such as lift gate or inside delivery, have additional charges. Please contact your ITB Sales Representative for estimated delivery time frame and anticipated freight costs. 

Terms: Standard payment terms are Net 30. Late fees will be charged on all overdue invoices at 1.5% monthly (18% per year).

Acceptance: Upon acceptance of IT Blueprint’s quote, you agree to the terms & conditions.


Invoice & Credit

Extension of Credit: The Applicant hereby applies to IT Blueprint Solutions for credit to be extended to it and agrees to provide, upon request, additional documents and/or information in order for the Applicant’s credit application to be assessed and/or approved or for the continued extension of any credit granted to the Applicant. The Applicant acknowledges and agrees that, notwithstanding its request for credit to be extended to it by IT Blueprint Solutions, IT Blueprint Solutions is under no obligation to extend credit to the Applicant and that, if IT Blueprint Solutions does extend credit to the Applicant, IT Blueprint Solutions may thereafter refuse to extend credit, refuse to increase the amount of credit available to the Applicant or require the provision of security or additional security by the Applicant, increase or decrease the amount of credit previously extended to the Applicant, or suspend, modify or cancel its extension of credit to the Applicant and/or the Applicant’s credit privileges at any time without notice or reason being given for such refusal, modification, suspension or cancellation.

Credit Verification and Privacy Consent: The Applicant acknowledges and agrees that it has reviewed the terms of the IT Blueprint Solutions Canada Privacy Policy located here and hereby consents to IT Blueprint Solutions obtaining, collecting, using, disclosing, investigating, retaining and/or exchanging any personal information provided by the Applicant for the purpose of assessing credit worthiness, making decisions about the Applicant’s credit application, responding to inquiries about credit applications and monitoring, evaluating, servicing and collecting on the accounts established pursuant to the granting of credit. The Applicant further consents to IT Blueprint Solutions establishing and maintaining a file of personal information and acknowledges that IT Blueprint Solutions may retain any personal information obtained as part of the credit application process whether or not the requested credit is granted. The Applicant authorizes IT Blueprint Solutions to conduct an investigation of the Applicant, including to investigate credit records, obtain consumer credit reports and to obtain any other available reports or information concerning credit history.

Invoices And Payment: If IT Blueprint Solutions establishes credit in favour of the Applicant, all invoices sent from time to time by IT Blueprint Solutions to the Applicant will be due in accordance with the payment terms (NET 30) thereof and payable to “I.T. Blueprint Solutions Consulting”, remittance c/o T06439, P.O 6439, Station Terminal, Vancouver, BC V6B 6R3. All invoices and statements of account will be considered correct if no errors, disputes or exceptions are reported by the Applicant to IT Blueprint Solutions in writing within 20 days of the date of such invoice or statement. On partial shipments a progress invoice will be sent to the Applicant for products received and/or services rendered. All past due invoices and overdue account balances will accrue interest at a rate of 1.5% per month, 18% per year, and will be payable on demand. The Applicant agrees to pay and shall indemnify and hold harmless IT Blueprint Solutions in respect of such interest charges together with all costs, losses, charges, expenses and liabilities of IT Blueprint Solutions related or incidental to any collection efforts or the enforcement of any of its rights (including legal fees and expenses on a full indemnity basis). Unless otherwise approved by IT Blueprint Solutions in writing, all payments made by it in connection with its account will be applied first to IT Blueprint Solution’s collection costs, charges and expenses, if any, then to any outstanding interest and thereafter to invoice principal.

Returns: The Applicant acknowledges and agrees that it must obtain permission from IT Blueprint Solutions before returning any goods for credit to its account. Applicant acknowledges that restocking charges will apply to such returns and agrees to pay such restocking charges to IT Blueprint Solutions, if applicable.


Contact Us

Any credit, account or application inquiries

can be directed to AR@itblueprint.ca, (855) 680-4508.