Driving Productivity

Driving Productivity Without Losing Control of Security

The demand for teams to stay connected, no matter the location of their “office,” is critical. Any sudden internet access disruption can lead to user frustrations, loss of productivity, and waste of valuable time. Compound that with an uptick in malicious email attacks and ransomware, plus the added burden of managing the security of thousands of connections, and it’s enough to strain even the most stable business.

At iTBlueprint, we have the solutions that enable you to keep your remote workforce connected inside the virtual walls of your business while keeping bad actors securely outside. A leader in collaboration and security, Cisco offers a wide variety of solutions that we’ve found to be some of the best in the industry when it comes to empowering the remote workforce.

Let’s take a look at how Cisco Meraki opens the doors to greater connectivity and Cisco Email Security suite empowers protection so your remote workers can expand their connections without compromising your data.

Expanding Connectivity from Anywhere

For many organizations, the process of modifying their networks to support their new telework environments was anything but stress-free, costing a lot of money and putting added stress on an already overburdened staff. Out of the box, Meraki devices can instantly deliver a seamless “in-office” experience from anywhere. With consistent  connectivity, your IT team has a clear view into employee networks so they can monitor potential interference to workforce productivity and protect your data and devices, no matter the location, the network, or the application.

Unsurpassed Connectivity Meraki Wi-fi unifies WAN, LAN, wireless LAN, and mobile device management seamlessly for faster connections and greater user capacity—meaning greater end-user satisfaction and less support calls.

Robust Performance – Meraki access and aggregation layer switches require zero-touch provisioning and combine security and scalability with an intuitive management experience, giving IT admins more time to focus on your business instead of wasting time on mundane IT tasks.

 Synchronized Security – Meraki security appliances create a framework for Cisco SD-WAN offering 100% centralized cloud management for security, networking, and application control—the perfect solution for your distributed workforce.

Now that your teams are connected, let’s talk about what’s top of mind for everyone— protecting everything from your data to endpoints to your networks.

Safeguarding Data and Reputations

In the office or at home, your employees are plagued by malware attacks and phishing emails looking to find their way into your network. Security experts reveal that there are more than 3.4 billion email scams or phishing emails sent every day. This adds up to one trillion email scams per year and more than 30% of breaches have been linked to phishing or social engineering scams.

Safeguard your data and maintain your reputation with a suite of email security solutions perfect for the way you work today.

Intruder Lockdown – Cisco Email Security makes Microsoft Office 365 even better by stopping URL-based threats before they reach the inbox. With advanced phishing protections and machine learning capabilities, malicious spam campaigns are quickly identified to prevent attacks.

Uncompromised Security – With Cisco DNA, you can provide access to users, devices, and applications, without compromising security, while quickly troubleshooting and converting data into business and IT insights. It keeps users, devices, and application traffic separate without you having to redesign your network.

Multi-CoverageCisco Umbrella protects users from malicious internet destinations by spotting threats, patterns, malware domains, IPs and networks across the internet and prevents users from connecting to them and becoming compromised.

Health Check – With dual-factor and multi-factor authentication, Cisco DUO enforces a health check at every sign on, so if a device is deemed risky it will be denied even with the correct credentials. It’s quick and easy to deploy with no required hardware and aligns with most VPN clients, remote access applications, and cloud-based services.

Access Simplified Cisco AnyConnect VPN access is the frictionless and highly secure way to ensure your employees have access to your network from any device, at any time, in any location while still protecting your organization.

Empowering Business from Core to Cloud

iTBlueprint delivers infrastructure solutions that scale with you, secure your data, modernize your network, and simplify operations—from core to cloud.

As a leading Cisco partner, we’re proud to offer a full range of Cisco products that enable your digital transformation, enhance your performance, and improve your business success. With our experienced team on your side, providing strategic guidance and expert advice, you can feel confident in the reliability of your Cisco infrastructure solution. Find out more about how iTBlueprint can help you drive remote workforce productivity without losing control over your network security.

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