iTBlueprint Assessment Enables CRM Company to Make the Best—and Most Economical—Infrastructure Choice


A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software development company reached out to ITBlueprint to provide experienced network and security consultants to perform a network assessment and advise what their next steps should be. After discovering much of their gear was more than 7 to 10-years old and out of support, the company wanted to reduce security vulnerabilities that could leave them and their clients exposed. What made protecting themselves and their clients even more difficult was that their network was a collection of various vendors’ solutions and one-off products, meaning they needed different tools and skill sets to manage the individual pieces.

The company asked ITBlueprint to not only develop a cohesive roadmap of their network technology, but to completely modernize their infrastructure so they could expand opportunities and scale sustainably.


ITB Partner Fortinet

iTBlueprint’s team of experienced engineers performed a network and security assessment and within 3 days learned enough about the company’s pain points and vulnerabilities to provide a comprehensive report with minimal disruption.

Since iTBlueprint consultants are experienced and certified in many leading technology provider solutions, they were able to leverage this wealth of knowledge to help the CRM company make the best choice—replacing their mixed/end-of-life infrastructure with Fortinet products, including FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer and Fortinet Endpoint Protection.  

FortiManager enabled them to streamline the management of everything from a single-console central management system and have a more complete view into their network. When it came to security, which was a huge concern with all the disparate pieces of their old system, they made it almost impenetrable with FortiAnalyzer and Fortinet Endpoint Protection. Both gave their team the upper hand when it came to reducing risk and improving their overall security. 


iTBlueprint was able to provide rapid results and recommendations that helped leadership make a well-informed and economical infrastructure choice.

The company benefitted from all the best features of a recognized tier-one vendor, but with substantially lower support costs—which added up to thousands of dollars a year in savings for maintenance and support. They were also able to save even more money by replacing their smaller switches with larger ones, enabling them to scale without worry. In turn, they could invest those funds into innovation so the company could deliver more for their customers.

With their new Fortinet infrastructure in place, the CRM company experienced a faster network that was more secure with protocols they could implement, at a better cost overall. FortiManager’s integration into Fortinet’s Security Fabric resulted in a stronger and more secure foundation with optimized network security, as well as FortiAnalyzer’s end-to-end visibility, which enabled them to identify and eliminate threats.

Overall, the company was also able to save a lot of money—not to mention headaches—with iTBlueprint on their side.