Agricultural Pharma Company Optimizes Health with Fortinet Rx


As people strive for better health and longevity, the demand for more natural health aids is rising. One agricultural pharmaceutical company was benefitting from this growing demand for their products. However, at the same time their infrastructure technology was struggling to keep up. Their system was comprised of disparate technologies that created a complex management environment.

On top of that, they had limited resources to effectively keep up with current circumstances, much less scale as the company grew. For the health of the business, the company turned to iTBlueprint to help them create an infrastructure environment that would solve their current headaches and set them on the path to vitality.


As Fortinet’s 2020 Partner of the Year, the iTBlueprint team set about creating an environment that was simpler to manage, using fewer resources and with top security.

They installed 80 switches, as many access points, and a host of Fortinet’s leading security infrastructure technologies, including FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer, FortiClient, FortiSIEM, and half dozen firewalls. Fortinet’s security fabric tied all the pieces together for sustainable integration.



Using artificial intelligence, the large yet easy-to-manage security fabric actively heals itself and alerts when something is wrong, enabling the pharma company to optimize its technology efficiency to keep up with opportunities. When there is an indication of a compromise, FortiSIEM correlates the information from a variety of sources, using algorithms, and determines if what could be a threat should be removed from the network for remediation.

iTBlueprint’s Professional Services team integrated the firewall switching and wireless, creating a single pane of glass that was not only easy to deploy, but also manage without having to retrain the in-house IT staff since it is the same interface.

This transformation also included additional licenses and renewing existing ones, which for a variety of manufacturers’ products can be a full-time job. The process was streamlined with Fortinet and iTBlueprint consolidating service expirations through their inside sales and professional services teams. The company benefitted from a wealth of experience and knowledge from iTBlueprint’s certified engineers. It’s like having a staff of 20 experts ready to answer questions and provide timely support as needed.

With a cohesive infrastructure that is flexible, the company is able to keep up with its current influx of consumer demands and sustain this level of productivity. And with a trusted partner like iTBlueprint ready to help whenever they need it, their transformation was pain-free.