iTBlueprint Puts All the Technology Pieces Together



It was time for a North American Services Provider company to do an infrastructure refresh but their IT team wasn’t sure how to put all the pieces of the technology puzzle together. They were unsure of how to align multiple products from different vendors to work well together in their unique environment. Taking into account the time and money it would take to research each solution combination, they decided to seek outside help. With a reputation for outstanding service among their own customers, the company was looking for an IT solutions and service provider that could offer that same level of expertise and customer satisfaction to help them build better.



iTBlueprint’s experienced engineering team took a look at the client’s current Cisco networking environment and recommended a Cisco Validated Design (CVD) solution comprised of Cisco UCS with NetApp FlexPod and VMware vSphere. Though each vendor is unique, their technology has common use cases and/or engineering system priorities. That’s why a CVD made perfect sense as the foundation for this refresh design.

This CVD incorporated Cisco UCS and NetApp FlexPod to create a framework that could quickly and reliably deploy a VMware vSphere-based private cloud. Since CVDs are comprehensively tested by Cisco engineers, iTBlueprint was able to ensure the client that this new solution would fit into their existing systems.

In addition, iTBlueprint has strong partnerships with each of these industry-leading providers and engineers certified in each technology they offer. This level of expertise is paramount when it comes to deploying and supporting this CVD solution. As enterprise infrastructure, storage and cloud specialists, iTBlueprint was able to integrate this proven solution into the client’s current infrastructure for a rock-solid technology foundation that can scale as the client’s needs expand.




Since the CVD was extensively tested, iTBlueprint was able to confidently set performance expectations and provide the reliability and peace of mind the client was after. With iTBlueprint Managed Services, the services provider was also able to unload the day-to-day management and support of their technology, freeing up their internal IT staff to focus on innovation instead.

Having the right solution, experienced support and an advisor they could trust enabled the company to drive automation, enhance their scalability, achieve their desired business outcomes and clearly see the return on their technology investment.