iTBlueprint Simplifies Access Without Compromising Security


A federal government agency was challenged with securely managing and supporting end users whose job responsibilities required them to work outside the main office, in branch facilities and remotely. Traditionally these employees were equipped with a fully configured laptop with VPN. This left the agency open to the possibility of the secure information and sensitive data on those devices falling into the wrong hands should the laptops be lost or stolen. It was also a headache for their in-house IT team to manage since they were spread out across the region and beyond. They also had the added challenge of securely enabling third-party partners and other agencies to access some of their vital data in order to collaborate for the good of the citizenry. As a vetted IT solutions provider for a variety of local and federal government agencies, iTBlueprint was the clear choice to help the agency securely drive efficiency, anywhere.


Government-agency-ITB-SuccessWith more than 25 years of first-hand Citrix technology experience, our technology architect helped the agency secure their environment with one easy-to-manage solution, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Instead of deploying apps and managing devices one-by-one, IT admins could now securely deploy and manage apps and desktops to their entire staff, no matter where they were working from. This included providing access to people outside the organization who needed access to sensitive information to do their jobs. When it came to security, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops provided admins with valuable information into session reporting and auditing to ensure they were maintaining the required level of security.


With Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops’ consistent set of access rules, the agency’s otherwise disparate access polices were streamlined and simplified, providing users an easy-to-use and secure front-end experience. The solution also enabled the agency to share information, such as security videos, mapping, and other sensitive data with other government entities. These third-party partners just log on to the Citrix portal using their internet connection, from their PCs, tablets, or other devices, to experience a desktop environment that they’re comfortable using.

Since iTBlueprint’s experienced engineer architected the solution to have security segregation, the agency can freely collaborate without compromising security. Better yet, iTBlueprint’s team of engineers hold a variety of certifications and decades of experience with complementary technologies, such as NetApp storage, VMware virtualization and Microsoft Server technologies, to strengthen the underpinning solutions. With ongoing support and a trusted advisor by their side, the organization is able to deliver of its promises and make the best use of taxpayer dollars.