iTBlueprint Helps Auto Body Repair Company Shift Into High Gear

ITB Auto Body Success Story


A regional family-owned auto body repair business was looking for a way to increase efficiency to help meet its current needs and to enhance its growth potential. Comprised of only 3 technicians, the IT team was very lean so their goals for efficiency had to start with giving their in-house team the tools they needed to effectively manage the technology throughout their 35 facilities spread out across British Columbia. With a longstanding trust in Citrix products and a 25-year relationship with iTBlueprint’s Citrix SME, the company reached out to iTBlueprint to find out how they could streamline their IT management and position their technology to scale as the company grew.


iTBlueprint’s experienced engineer has been committed to enhancing clients’ IT systems, using Citrix’s leading technologies, for over 2 decades. As a trusted adviser for the auto body repair company for so long, he shared his expertise providing an evaluation of the company’s current infrastructure and recommending Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops desktop as a service (DaaS) solution.

Because Citrix simplifies virtual app and desktop delivery from a single, internal private data center, the lean IT team could quickly deploy and maintain high-definition cloud desktops, whenever they needed to. It also provided users with an enterprise-level app and desktop experience that was consistent from location to location.



Responsible for getting people’s rides back on the road quickly, the auto body company could now take advantage of great efficiency across their network of 35 locations. From simultaneously pushing business-critical apps to all offices to managing every location and device from one console, Citrix improved the company’s business ability to respond to any scenario.

Their IT team of 3 was also able to focus on higher-value initiatives instead of devoting all their time and resources to manually maintaining each location’s tech. This saved the company a lot in wasted time and money which enabled them to invest more in expanding their reach throughout the province. To further unburden the team, iTBlueprint’s Tech Services team provided monthly patching and on-going support to ensure the company was running as efficiently as possible.

iTBlueprint’s end-to-end approach enabled the auto body repair company to enhance their potential to meet their current business needs and accelerate their opportunity for growth.