Enterprise-level App and Desktop Experiences for Everyone in Your Business

In 2020 many companies were caught off guard with the quick pivot to a remote, work-from-home business model. Yet, the workarounds that were good enough for a few months of quarantine, aren’t sustainable.

With the world slowly opening and people looking toward the next “normal,” organizations have an opportunity to ensure that their entire workforce—teleworking, traveling, in-office or a hybrid—have the tools and access they need to advance opportunities. For many this involves evolving to the next level of digital transformation, the digital workspace.

Digital workspaces enable users to be more agile in where they work, and how they work, in order to be more productive. The backbone of the digital workspace, Desktops as a Service (DaaS) creates an adaptive workspace with all the apps and tools users need to do their jobs on their terms. This includes not only your office staff, but also power-using engineers, your fleet of call center reps and those within your facilities using thin clients.

Power For All Users

For many businesses, transitioning their employees to work from home was a disruption hiccup. Having the access and apps they needed to stay productive and being able to work on their PCs and other personal devices, using VPNs, were all it took to get by.

However, engineers, designers, scientists and other power users who relied on dedicated graphics workstations to perform the most demanding tasks, such as manipulating 3D models and visually analyzing large data sets, were at a loss in many cases. The standalone workstations they used were unavailable and installing these apps on the PCs they had at home, plus the RAM and storage required to be productive, was not an option. Cloud-based DaaS opened the door for power users to not only stay productive, but in many cases enhance their productivity with the agility of cloud-deployed desktops and apps.

As businesses look to the future, many are re-evaluating the cost of acquisition and maintenance for these standalone workstations. They like what they see with DaaS supporting their most advanced users, giving them a secure and immersive 3D-graphics experience from any laptop or mobile device.

Another group that was hit hard by the quick shift to a remote workforce was IT. Responsible for configuring and deploying PCs and thin clients to employees working from home, as well as managing and maintaining those devices, while also from home, was a nightmare. Companies languished as their in-house staff focused on solving user problems, often mundane, instead of ensuring the security of their infrastructure or having the time or energy to focus on the strategic initiatives core to the business.

DaaS also makes it easier for your internal resources to quickly and effortlessly deploy high-definition cloud desktops and apps, minimize management overheads, reduce administrative burdens, and create more agile, secure IT environments.

Discover how iTBlueprint enabled a nutritional products manufacturer to empower their fleet of thin clients and drive productivity with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops solutions.

Do More with Citrix

When it comes to the digital workspace, the focus on the end-user experience is more than just providing a virtual desktop. Instead, it’s about refining the experience by streamlining how users work—since not everyone needs a full desktop—and empowering the devices they use to do that work.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops solutions provide unprecedented simplicity, flexibility, speed, and scale with a predictable pay-as-you-grow model.

Deliver DaaS from the Cloud – Spin up digital workspaces anytime anywhere, modernizing your operations with a platform that provides rapid desktop and app provisioning and is built to securely support your future-ready workforce.

Contextual Control – Create desktops that change based on the user—temp to full time to CEO, across all departments—so each user has access to only the applications they need.

High-definition Experience – Cutting-edge display techniques ensure crystal-clear voice and video, even in the presence of packet loss, congestion, high-latency and jitter that’s commonly experienced with broadband wireless and mobile networks.

Streamline Cloud Migration – Citrix Workspace lets you enable secure access to your applications from anywhere you want, whether that’s completely in the cloud of your choice or in a hybrid scenario.

Unprecedented Citrix Expertise

Always committed to helping our clients expand their potential, iTBlueprint is proud to partner with Citrix to deliver virtual desktops and applications that empower the globe’s workforces—in the office, on the road, or at home. Our highly trained engineers have decades of experience in all of the technologies we offer, including more than 25 years of experience empowering businesses with Citrix technology. Within that time, we’ve seen it all and helped our clients solve for all of the challenges they faced along the way. From core to cloud, iTBlueprint and Citrix accelerate your business opportunities.

Contact us at 1-866-261-8981 to learn more about how iTBlueprint and Citrix can make IT work for you.

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