Why Managed IT Services Are Better for Your Business

Why Managed Services
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More businesses than ever before now realize managed services’ importance. Research from S&P Global predicts that the adoption of managed IT services will double by 2028. The benefits of managed services make it clear why so many businesses are coming on board.

However, some business owners are still wary about making the change. So, read on to see why managed IT services are better for your business across a wide range of areas!

Some business owners haven’t made the change yet because they aren’t aware of IT managed services’ value proposition . For many types of businesses, the idea of managed IT services can seem entirely unfamiliar.

Managed services offer businesses a wide range of support, from consulting to security and monitoring. Your business can rely on a managed services provider (MSP) to handle many IT tasks. Infrastructure, networking, cloud services, and tech support all fall under this umbrella.

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Why Managed Services Benefit Your Business

Why use managed IT services ? Every business will have a different answer. By working with the right partner, you’ll receive a managed services model tailored to your individual needs. These are some of the benefits of managed services that you could enjoy.

Flexibility for Your Business

Flexibility is one of the primary reasons why managed services providers are gaining so much traction among businesses of all sizes. Working with an MSP provides businesses with greater flexibility in the services they receive, resources they use, and prices they pay for them.

For many small and mid- sized businesses , this flexibility proves vital in scaling their operations. When you work with an MSP, your IT infrastructure and support grow to meet your needs instantly. You won’t have new installations or hiring as speed bumps when opportunity arises.

This same flexibility can help protect your business when you need to scale back as well. If the quarter or year isn’t going as well as expected or demand suddenly dries up, you have more options. Your business isn’t burdened with resources or personnel that it needs to maintain.

You can work closely with your MSP to define the right level of service to meet your needs. You can then make changes just as easily when those needs change.

Security and Business Continuity

With more technology and solutions in place at your business, you have a higher need for security. Research from IBM shows that 83% of businesses have experienced at least one data breach, and new threats are always emerging.

As new threats evolve, your business needs professional security and network management for protection. An MSP can handle all of your IT security needs. They can evaluate your current standing, identify threats, implement solutions, and maintain them.

Remote monitoring and management can protect your business at all times. Your MSP can also ensure that you have the proper anti-virus software and other security protocols in place. Most importantly, an MSP helps develop your security strategy .

Proactive monitoring and other controls can protect your business, but you still need a plan for when disaster strikes. An MSP can provide disaster recovery and business continuity services to keep your business running. Backups and other services protect vital data and applications.

Reduce Costs for Your Organization

Why Managed IT Services Are Better
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One of the most important reasons why managed services benefit businesses is cost reduction. Businesses of any size can enjoy significant savings when they rely on an MSP for infrastructure, support, and other services.

For many businesses, employing an IT team or even one IT employee isn’t an option. An MSP provides them with affordable options to access services at the appropriate scale to meet their needs. They can develop a plan that offers what you need without charging for what you don’t.

When you rely on global managed services for your IT, you can rest assured that you only pay for what you need. Your MSP will work with you to define a service level agreement that clearly specifies the services you’ll receive and your fixed monthly costs.

Along with saving on costs associated with support personnel, you can also save on software and solutions. Your MSP can often provide security and other applications for lower costs than you would pay for individual licensing.


Access to Experts and Resources

Your business may rely on a wide range of different types of technology and solutions. Providing maintenance and support for each requires a different set of core competencies and specialized knowledge. Even if you have IT experts on your team, they can’t know everything.

Working with an MSP lets you access a broader support team with diverse skill sets . They will resolve issues more quickly because they have experts available who know those systems inside and out. With faster support, your day-to-day operations are more productive.

Your MSP gives you access to a team of experts, but they also provide a range of additional resources. Your business will be able to access cloud computing services and many other cutting-edge solutions through your MSP.

See Why Managed IT Services Are Better Today

Managed IT services can be a tremendous asset for your business. Counting on them for your IT needs can save you money and improve productivity. You’ll also always have access to the latest resources and a team of experts whenever you need them.

With iTBlueprint, your business can realize the full benefit of managed IT services. Our team includes seasoned IT experts and technicians, and we leverage our many industry partnerships to serve you better.

Our solution-based process will see a team of experts define your needs, develop and deploy a solution, and provide ongoing support. Reach out today for a consultation for your business.

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