Choosing Assurances Over Assumptions with Cisco Validated Designs


It’s not enough anymore to keep up with changes in technology. You need to get ahead of the change, otherwise your business could be swept up in making poor technology choices, or worse, be left behind completely. Thankfully making these kinds of big decisions isn’t a daily responsibility. However, making poor ones could end up turning every day into a struggle.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, looking to refresh your infrastructure or setting up a new branch site, your first order of business is getting the infrastructure in place, and fast. There’s 3 ways this can go:

1. Your team can pick the same technology you already have, updated of course, because they know how it works and how to manage and support it. Choosing to go with just one vendor seems like a good idea on the surface, but you’re assuming that just because it was a good choice 5 or 10 years ago, it’s the best choice for your current circumstances and for your future. It’s highly unlikely that is still the case.

2. Maybe instead your team has done some research and it seems like the best choice is to go with a variety of vendors. But how much research have they really done? And how much time and money is their researching costing you? You’re assuming that all of these products play well together in your unique environment. There’s no way your team can test every combination to see what works and what doesn’t and relying on “internet experts” isn’t always a reliable source. The last thing you need is your DIY infrastructure putting you at a disadvantage.

3. Instead of guessing and assuming, isn’t it better to be assured? Choosing a tested and verified product combination from an ecosystem of complementary vendors can provide you with the assurance you need to know that your infrastructure is working for you and delivering expected outcomes. What you need is a CVD.

What is a CVD?

Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs) provide the foundation for systems design based on common use cases or current engineering system priorities. They incorporate a broad ecosystem of technologies, features, and applications for a variety of industries and provide solutions to address customers’ unique needs. Each CVD has been comprehensively tested and documented by Cisco engineers to ensure faster, more reliable, and fully predictable deployment.

Cisco Validated Designs provide:

What it provides

CVD Assurances

iTBlueprint engineers count on Cisco Validated Designs to deliver on our promise to expand our customers’ potential by providing trusted solutions you can always count on. CVDs put you ahead of the curve by taking the guess work out of choosing the right technology for your organization.

  • Accelerate Transformation – Cisco Validated Designs are designed to accelerate digital transformation by combining the best that Cisco, other industry-leading technologies, and next-generation technologies have to offer. This can help you get ahead of changes in technology so not only can you transform faster, but you can experience ROI faster.
  • Ease Integration – Ease technology solution integration throughout your campus, to another branch, and across the data center with a proven solution that fits your particular use case.
  • Innovate Faster – CVDs increase the speed of technology solution deployment, meaning your IT team can get back to innovating for your business, instead wasting their time and talents on the busy work of deployment.
  • Stay Competitive – CVDs provide a scalable, reliable and predictable foundation on which you can build business value and lower the total cost of ownership.
  • Reduce Risk – You never have to guess or assume your Cisco Validated Design will work as it should. Each CVD solution provides increased network agility, while substantially lowering your risk of an infrastructure technology malfunction.
  • Rest Assured – Since CVDs are extensively tested, you can confidently set performance expectations and ensure the reliability and peace of mind you’re after.

iTBlueprint Delivers on CVD Assurances

iTBlueprint’s engineering team knows that your business is unique. In addition, we’re experienced and certified in the variety of solutions on the market. Taking all this knowledge and practical expertise and putting all together enables us to understand technology products’ common use cases and/or engineering system priorities. That’s why when asked what we think best practices are when it comes to building a better and more reliable infrastructure, we often recommend a Cisco Validated Design. Since CVDs are comprehensively tested by Cisco engineers—those with the same certifications that we have—we’re able to ensure our customers that their new solution will be the perfect fit. Think about it, if we didn’t fully believe in CVDs, we would be putting our reputation on the line, and that’s not going to happen.

Cisco Validated Design with ITB

In addition, iTBlueprint has strong partnerships with most of the industry-leading providers and our engineers are certified in most of the technologies that go into creating a CVD. This level of expertise is paramount when it comes to deploying and supporting a variety of CVD solutions. As enterprise infrastructure, storage and cloud specialists, iTBlueprint is able to integrate these proven solutions into your current infrastructure or create something completely brand new, for a rock-solid technology foundation that can scale as your needs expand.

Find out how iTBlueprint helped one client put all the pieces together for an infrastructure that delivered.


Don’t make assumptions, instead take advantage of the assurances iTBlueprint and CVDs provide. Contact us today and discover how we can help you


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