Office 365 Protection Packages

Data and Security Protection starting as low as $2.99/user/month

Protecting Office 365;  Data and Security

Data Protection and Security are often afterthoughts in the Office 365 Environment. They shouldn’t be.

Office 365 is a complex environment for no other reason than the myriad of packages and add on options. If you need help sorting out the optimal mix of features and cost to serve your end users, feel free to give us a call. We’ll walk you through the options and even provision the services for you. But once you get to that point, the work is hardly over. You still need to think about data protection and security. Make no mistake about it, Office 365 is a highly available, highly secure environment in its own right. But that doesn’t mean it provides the level of protection that your specific situation warrants.

IT Blueprint has reviewed over thirty backup and security products over the last several months. We continue to keep an eye on the market for new ones. Those that pass our initial review get into our lab for thorough testing, so that we can make informed recommendations to our customers. The result are three product bundles that you’ll find at the bottom of this page.

  • Data Protection

    Lost data can be recovered… for a maximum of 93 days

    The Office 365 world is continuously changing. At time of writing, Point in Time recovery is out of scope for the Office 365 service. In regard to accidentally or maliciously deleted e-mails (or other data such as in OneDrive and SharePoint), these can be recovered anywhere from 14 days to 93 days later, depending on your exact mix of features and settings. (We’re happy to explain in detail if you’d like). So what if your data retention policy and/or compliance requirements exceed those time frames? You’ll need a third party backup solution. Some compliance requirements demand journaling, a feature which is difficult to impossible to fully achieve using strictly Office 365 tools. Again, you’ll need a third party product.

  • Security Protection

    Whaling, Executive Impersonation, Internal to Internal Traffic – you’ll need more layers

    A recent Gartner report suggested that 90% of all sophisticated cyber attacks originate via an email compromise. So, it makes a lot of sense to make sure that your e-mail security is rock solid. For example, typical SEGs (Secure E-Mail Gateways) provide superior in line protection and state of the art “sandbox” techniques to examine suspicious emails. What they don’t do is examine internal to internal email. If two internal users exchange email, and one of them includes (by accident or with malicious intent) a bad link, the gateway in many cases cannot see it. For that you need additional tools that are purpose designed for that instance.

    The other important consideration is the core techniques that each tool uses. SEGs focus on known malware and suspicious content that can be blown up in a sandbox to see what it does. Tools designed to defend against Executive Impersonation or Whaling attacks are predicated on detecting changes in known behaviour patterns of your users and the people they interact with.

    Our recommendation is to have an SEG as a bare minimum. For customers who are high risk targets, adding additional layers to defend against targeted attacks is recommended.

Bronze Bundle $2.99/user/month

Start by protecting your data

It doesn’t matter if you’re the victim of technical failure, rogue employees, or the most viscous of cyber attacks, your final line of defense is an accessible copy of your data.  With your data intact, you can recover from anything.  Our Bronze Bundle provides you that baseline capability at an affordable price.  But our offering is no entry level backup service.  We’ll provide you with a premium service that includes journaling and meets the stringent compliance requirements of FINRA, SEC, FDA, GDPR and many others.

This premium backup service runs in the Azure location of your choice, and includes advanced search and discovery tools that will satisfy even the most complex of legal requirements.  Better still, because it runs in Azure, if you need to execute complex searches in a timely fashion, you can throw as much horsepower as you need at it in order to meet difficult timelines.  You’ll have to pay for those extra resources of course, but just like any other cloud service, if you never need them, they never cost you anything.

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Silver Bundle $4.89/user/month*

For a slight premium, upgrade your service to include an SEG with full Canadian Sand-boxing

For not much more than the cost of backup, add in a premium Secure Email Gateway with full Sand-boxing capabilities on Canadian soil.

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Gold Bundle $9.95/user/month*

Are your executives being profiled by attackers?

If you’re a high risk enterprise or public entity, the answer is probably yes.  The most sophisticated attacks today aren’t run of the mill malware sent out in bulk in the hopes that someone will click on a malicious link.  These attacks are carefully crafted for a specific person in your organization based on meticulous research of that individual through everything from publicly available records to social media to on site observation.  Your executives are being profiled, and hacks written just for them.  Sometimes called a “whale attack” these can be devastating.  Not only is the executive compromised, but the information gained from that compromise can be used via executive impersonation to compromise still others in your organization.

Platinum Bundle let’s you fight back with Anti-Harpooning techniques.  Just like hackers can profile the behaviour of your staff, so can Anti-Harpooning software.  By building a profile of each of your employees, anti-harpooning software can detect when any of them are being sent (or are sending) e-mail traffic that is out of the ordinary, and submit it for rigorous malware detection.  Best of all, anti-harpooning software examines internal to internal traffic that gateways cannot see.  With the Platinum Bundle, you get:

  • Premium Backup including journaling
  • Secure Email Gateway
  • Anti-Harpooning
  • Internal to Internal e-mail protection
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  • * Pricing Details

    • Based on 1,000 users and a 1 year contract, payment options vary
    • Multi- year and a la cart pricing also available
    • All prices are in Canadian dollars as of June 22, 2018
    • Due to currency fluctuations and other factors, pricing may change from time to time and may not be immediately reflected on the web site.  Please contact us directly to obtain a quotation with locked in pricing.