Storing Your Data

General Storage

Data continues to grow at an unprecedented rate.

The storage market continues to respond with new innovations. All flash arrays deliver blistering performance. New “archive” class disks offer storage at costs approaching that of tape, but on spinning media. More interesting still are architectures that move data from production disk to archive disk to tape and even cloud all in the same name space based on your business rules.

There have never been so many choices in storage. IT Blueprint works with customers to understand their data management requirements, and brings best in class solutions to the table.


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Tape Libraries

Tape isn’t dead.

With capacities approaching 30 TBytes (compressed) per cartridge, tape remains the king of low cost storage in the smallest possible footprint and with the lowest power requirements. In addition, if you need to move large amounts of data fast, 10 Pbytes of data on tape can cross the continent in hours, try doing that across your average network pipe.

Managing tape environments is of course more complex than managing spinning disk. That’s where IT Blueprint comes in. We’ll bring the best tape technologies to the table along with the expertise to design and implement your solution.


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Cloud Storage

EBS. S3. Glacier. Storage Blobs. Co-Located Storage. So many choices.

Storage in the cloud is more diversified than one might think.  Each cloud vendor has multiple storage tiers ranging from production to archive to tape, each with its own way of being addressed.  If you’re in a single cloud, your choices may be limited to that cloud, and you’ll have to live with any deficiencies you run into.

Or maybe not.  There are many third party software companies that provide value add solutions to cloud storage.  For a reasonable cost, you can achieve the same kind of snapshot, compression and de-duplication in the cloud as you are used to having in premise.  There’s sometimes a downside to that of course, implementing those solutions may limit your ability to leverage other native cloud functions.  At IT Blueprint, we have the experienced resources to help you achieve your storage goals in the Cloud.

We can also help by showing you ways to store your data cost effectively outside the cloud in a co-location centre with high speed access to the cloud or clouds of your choice.  This can result in major cost savings as well as enabling multi-cloud strategies and preventing cloud lock in.


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