Desktops & Servers

  • Desktops

    Competition among desk top vendors has never been more fierce, and choices abound.  We’ll help you identify the right configurations right down to helping you understand the vendor’s product life cycle so that you can make intelligent choices about which configurations to standardize on and when.  But we’ll go well beyond that.  We can provide you with operating systems and applications already installed, delivered anywhere in North America.  We can help you implement SCCM, or run it for you as a service to manage your desktop environment on an on going basis.  Through our experience with this model of procurement, we’ve even developed custom driver injection procedures that improve the user experience and make on going maintenance of the environment easier to deal with.


  • Servers

    They are faster than ever before, and they come in all shapes and sizes.  Bring us your requirements, we will help you select the best configuration for you and get it shipped in a timely fashion.