Converged Infrastructure

Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

HCI is all the rage right now, as vendors rush to market with solutions that bundle together servers, storage and hypervisor. At last, the easy button is here.

But they’re not all built the same. They scale differently, and some lock you into future growth that requires growing storage and compute resources that may not be right for you down the road.

IT Blueprint works with a variety of HCI vendors. We have the expertise to uncover your short and long term needs, choose the platform most suited to you, and implement with confidence.


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Open Converged Infrastructure (OCI)

Hot on the heels of HCI is a new variant known as OCI.

It has all the “easy button” features of HCI, but with one important difference. The server and storage layers are not force bundled into the configuration. That gives you two distinct advantages:

1. You can grow your compute and storage resources entirely independently of one another. No need to buy storage when all you need is a server upgrade, and vice versa.

2. If you have existing servers that meet the configuration requirements, you can re-purpose them instead of buying new ones. When you need to upgrade, you have your choice of commodity servers rather than being locked into proprietary servers where you have little control over orice.

IT Blueprint has sold and deployed many OCI solutions for clients. We will walk you through the options and assist in implementation.


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