Data Protection


Backup is the only application you have that touches everything you have.

Your data, your servers, your network, your storage, your applications. It protects you from simple human error to complete disasters, if you have a copy of your data, you can recover. Designing, implementing and testing a backup system requires an understanding of the entire application environment, how it will need to be recovered and how fast. IT Blueprint brings to the table not just the software and hardware to build enterprise class backup systems, but the experienced architects to assist in understanding your business goals and designing a solution that works from end to end.

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Disaster Recovery

Something very bad happened. Now what?

If all you have is a copy of your data, good news, you can recover. But it will probably take a long time. Recovering from a disaster in a timely fashion requires considerably more up front planning (and testing). IT Blueprint helps customers define their Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) in the context of their business costs and budgets. We design and implement custom crafted Disaster Recovery plans that range from days, to hours, to minutes.

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