The right solution for the right price

iTBlueprint’s procurement specialists help our clients optimize their investment in information technology. We are your advocates. We work closely with vendors to ensure that the right technology solution is delivered at the right cost, the right time and is managed the right way.

iTBlueprint delivers numerous benefits that cannot be obtained from other providers or via a direct vendor relationship. iTB Procurement allows clients to:

  • Take advantage of iTBlueprint’s negotiated vendor rates and competitive pricing.
  • Optimize technology configurations and reduce delivery risks.
  • Streamline existing procurement and contract management processes.
  • Accelerate decision-making and objectively evaluate potential IT purchases.
  • Adopt multi-vendor solutions with greater confidence.
  • Ensure that acquired technology is configured correctly and effectively integrated with existing systems to deliver long-lasting value.
  • Take advantage of special incentives and offsets that generate investable credits in the form of iTBlueprint consulting service fees, which can be applied to future projects.
  • Obtain more flexible deal structures by bundling services with ongoing system integration or consulting work.