Fast and reliable data backup and recovery are vital to ensuring that your IT runs smoothly. But is your current setup flexible enough to keep up with changing data demands?

ESG reveals that almost one third of IT decision makers want to improve their backup and recovery by the end of 2015.1

When it’s time to update your data protection, don’t rip and replace—make the most of your existing infrastructure with NetApp® AltaVault® storage, our cloud-integrated backup solution.

•   Boosts the power of your existing infrastructure
Operates with more than 95% of cloud storage providers’ products
Compatible with the backup software you already use
Start as small as 8TB. Scale up to 57PB of protected data in the cloud. Choose the AltaVault offering that’s right for you: physical, virtual, cloud-based in the AWS or Azure clouds.

Figure 1 AltaVault integrates with existing storage and software to securely send data to any cloud.



Key Points

  • Shrink data volumes by up to 30x. Speed data transport times by 4x.
  • Integrate with leading cloud storage providers, software backup solutions.
  • Keep your company data safe and compliant in the cloud. Reduce risk.
  • Deploy in less than 30 minutes.

Want to know more?

Take two minutes to learn how AltaVault cloud-integrated storage is a game changer for your backup infrastructure.  Video:

  1. ESG,NetApp Is Accelerating Your Data Protection Strategy to the Cloud(2015)