Rainmaker Driving Business and Quality with a Storage ReBoot

Artists at Rainmaker Entertainment have been pushing the boundaries with CGI animation and visual effects for two decades. When recently faced with an enormous project, they didn’t want to impede their artists’ creativity nor did they want to put meeting deadlines at risk. Instead, Rainmaker turned to NetApp and its partner iTBlueprint to ‘reboot’ its render farm with a storage solution that met its performance, manageability and scalability requirements.

Reboot - Rainmaker photo

Rainmaker deployed NetApp’s FAS8060 and FAS8020 storage systems into its render farm. Coupled with the NetApp Flash Cache PCIe-attached intelligent caching and NetApp Flash Pool, the company was able to greatly accelerate the rendering process, adding 33 percent more CPU compute power to its render farm.

This meant that the IT infrastructure would no longer impact the artists’ creativity or quality, and that the business wouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for productivity.

Part of that quality and productivity is coming in 2015, look for the Ratchet & Clank movie.

To read the entire story: http://bit.ly/1yGvNoV.