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    Why Palo Alto Networks?

    Organizations all over the world rely on Palo Alto Networks to detect and prevent advanced cyber attacks while safely enabling applications. Read, see and hear their stories in our new e-stories series, which takes a deep dive into the security challenges you care about most.

    Next Gen Firewalls

    Our next-generation firewalls are all based on a consistent Single-Pass Architecture, enabling security capability that is unique in the industry. This architecture is implemented in a portfolio of both physical and virtual appliances, designed to cover a range of performance and use case requirements.

    Features and management are consistent across the portfolio. Integration with GlobalProtect™ mobile security service extends policy-based security to mobile devices (whether on-premises or remote). Integration with our threat intelligence services keeps information up to date for the firewall (e.g., URL categories, threat signatures). WildFire™ cloud-based malware analysis environment integration supports a rapid “feedback loop” that enables the firewall to stop advanced threats throughout the attack lifecycle.

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    VM-Series Virtualized Next-Generation Firewall

    Virtualization is fueling an upheaval in today’s data centers, resulting in architectures that are oftentimes a mix of private and public cloud computing environments. The benefits of cloud computing are well-known; so too are the security challenges, exemplified by recent high-profile security incidents.

    Just as an attack or compromise within your physical data center is a significant incident, the impact of a compromise in your virtualized environment is amplified because your workloads, some of which use varied trust levels, and the associated data are centralized, without any security barriers in between to keep them segmented. If your virtual environment is compromised, the attacker has access to your entire virtualized environment.

    Security ultimately needs to enable your organization’s business or mission. Start with an assessment of your cybersecurity posture, including: application use, URL traffic, content types, and both known and unknown threats. Our Security Lifecycle Review can give you a relevant look into what’s happening in your organization.

    Then, ask about an evaluation to see how our next-generation firewalls can help you enable applications and manage risk. We even have tools to help you migrate from traditional firewalls to our next-generation firewalls.