NetApp Training Certification


Through the NetApp Partner Program, this month, staff at IT Blueprint are attending a skills demonstration, training and certification session that will allow them to offer the most up-to-date services and consultation related to the NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP 8 Operating System.

NetApp® Data ONTAP® 8 provides a unified, scale-out storage platform that you can adapt to your changing business needs with reduced risk and cost. The #1 storage operating system*, Data ONTAP gives you a clear path to private, public and hybrid cloud.

Key Benefits:

  • Speed application response in the datacentre and in the cloud.
  • Gain efficiency and scalability by using the industry-leading storage OS.
  • Perform lifecycle operations without interrupting business operations.
  • Simplify, automate, and increase productivity while lowering IT costs.
  • Start small and grow big, in both SAN and NAS environments.

NetApp’s Clustered Data ONTAP can help you eliminate your storage downtime, reducing risk and cost with a focus on availability, scalability and performance. The clustered ONTAP system allows you to connect multiple NetApp array controllers together with a 10GbE backbone network. This environment allows for any application volume to run on any of the systems or aggregates in the cluster. This permits administrators to live migrate volumes (similar to vMotion) and to ensure those volumes are always on for the applications, providing maximum storage availability.

Clustered ONTAP is a consistently running clustered storage system built to scale up or out (however fits your requirements), providing continuous operations throughout the storage lifecycle. If you start small with one array built in cluster mode, you’re able to either scale that system to its maximum capacity or easily add another NetApp system into the cluster, which not only increases the storage capacity in the cluster, but the amount of bandwidth available to connected hosts.

ITB is current with their CDOT training and certifications, which means that ITB understands the technology to leverage the abilities of your NetApp to the fullest.