Employee Profile: Russell Hennessey

iTBlueprint Account Manager Russell Hennessey dives deep for both solutions to data storage problems and in his personal life as a Shark conservationist and volunteer at the Vancouver Aquarium. 

Russell does presentations about sharks, animal husbandry, dives to clean various exhibits, and he assists with the rescue and rehabilitation of marine mammals at the Aquarium’s Mammal Rescue Centre. He has been fascinated by sharks since he was a young child and his father put a frozen blue shark in the family’s freezer.

“There is a lot to be learned about when it comes to sharks,” Russell says of his lifelong interest. “As a species, they have been here for almost 400 million years and have survived all the major extinction events. They are also very long-lived, slow to mature and to reproduce, and have many adaptations, including seven senses, fully replaceable teeth, five ways of reproducing, cartilage for bones and teeth for skin.”

To date, Russell has swam with at least 14 different species in oceans around the world, including the Caribbean, Galapagos Islands, Red Sea, Thailand/SE Asia and the Atlantic and Pacific in North America.

In 2010, he and five friends founded Saving Our Sharks Association Civil (SOS) www.savingoursharks.org. SOS is a Non-Government Organization focused on researching and protecting shark species in the Mexican Caribbean Ocean, which includes the Meso American Reef system, the second largest barrier reef in the world. Saving Our Sharks was created to form as a direct action platform for increasing the understanding (research), awareness (public outreach) and protection (government legislation and cessation of fishing by providing alternative solutions for non-lethal usage of the species) of local shark populations.

IT Blueprint customers are invited to a special evening at the Vancouver Aquarium on Wednesday, August 19, where we are proudly sponsoring “Shark Night”, featuring the Canadian Premier of the documentary Mexico Pelagico, which includes stunning imagery of open-ocean marine life off the Mexican Pacific Coast. Co-hosted by Saving Our Sharks, this is an amazing opportunity to speak with the filmmakers and learn fascinating facts about sharks. Space is limited! Register here.