• kevin

    Kevin Mah

    Senior Technical Architect

  • If there’s one thing Storage Specialist Kevin Mah knows, as an accomplished poker player, there is a lot at stake when businesses take a gamble on assuming they have sufficient plans in place to protect their data against the unexpected. A fire, flood or human error and the whole system can crash down like a house of cards.

    With a track record of over 20 years experience in back up, data retention and high availability architecture design, Kevin is the perfect person to analyse where you are vulnerable and provide logical, budget-conscious solutions. He takes pride in collaborating with managers to establish a strategy to ensure that should something go wrong, there is no break in service.

    Kevin has data management expertise and hands on experience with many storage platforms (EMC, Sun/STK, NetApp, IBM, HP, DataDomain), backup applications (NetBackup, CommVault, Data Protector) and various archive tools (Enterprise Vault, CommVault Archiver, EMC Disk Xtender) for use in a variety of applications.

    He also has a strong background working with database technologies such as Oracle, MS SQL Server and has worked in Sybase environments as well. Other application areas include ERP applications, CRM applications, and Digital Asset management applications. Kevin is also an expert in cluster technologies (Veritas Cluster and Sun Cluster).

    “There is a deep satisfaction knowing our clients are safe from harm. Especially if they are a hospital or a government service where record retention is essential to society. It’s exciting to be part of that.”