• george

    George Lavrov

    Senior Storage & Virtualization Consultant

  • When Mike Gower founded ITB in 2009, he knew George Lavrov would be a great addition to the consulting team. George has over 15 years in the field, working locally and internationally helping clients to develop solutions and strategies for data storage based on the client’s business requirements, budget, and existing system infrastructure, and delivering them on time.

    His knowledge of older systems and how to merge them is legendary. A specialist in virtualization, George is an avid learner, constantly updating his knowledge of what is being offered by the most important sources in the IT industry. Those who work with George know that he takes special pride in the high level of customer support that is a foundation of the services IT Blueprint offers. He feels great satisfaction not only recommending solutions, but becoming part of the company; by training and educating the staff in why and how it all works so they can be self-sufficient. Another specialized area is his intimate knowledge of storage devices and protocols.

    “I say to our clients, here’s my business model – your business is to grow, my business is to help you do that with all the tools I have at my disposal.”